Asset Protection

Asset Protection from

  • The sharks

  • Courts

  • Law suits

  • Creditors

  • Government

  • Divorce

  • And More

Protect your home from lawsuits

Protect your assets from lawsuits

Irrevocable Trusts

Real Estate Protection

  • Don’t loose it all

  • Own nothing personally

  • Do not own investment real estate in your name

  • Don’t flaunt your wealth – It breeds Jealousy more than admiration – Don’t wear a “sue me” sign on your forehead.

Protect Your Home

  1. Equity Stripping


2.  “0” Equity protects you from the sharks

3.  Protect your family

Irrevocable vs Revocable Trusts

Real Estate Protection

  • Privacy of Ownership

  • Land Trust: Holds privately the ownership Land Trust for each property.

  • Limited liability Company – Beneficiary & You Manage

  • Living Trust

  • Lien Against the Property

  • You Cannot Touch Account

  • Equity Stripping

  • Estate Planning

  • Land Trust

  • LLC

  • Living Trust

Bridge Trust

  • The most secured trust in the world

  • They ignore judgements

  • Client is in control of the trust

  • Client manage the portfolio

  • It is a breakthrough – Asset protection

  • It is transferring the privileges of FAPT – Foreign Asset Protection Trust to a DAPT Domestic Asset Protection Trust. 

  • When needed in case of trouble the FAPT privileges are activated. In other words it moves back from being a DAPT to FAPT.

It is advisable to protect your assets so you don’t loose it to the sharks. There are a few states were your assets are truly protected.

We will gladly help you to protect your assets. It is important to have the right entity, the right verbiage and registered in the right state for protection.