Establish Business Credit Profile!

  • Create Wealth

  • Grow your Business

  • Create credit without using your personal information

  • Separate business credit from personal credit

  • Register for Gov’t contracts

Build Business Credit

With a strong and established business credit profile the business can qualify for credit loans without using personal credit



Benefits of Business Credit

  1. Grow your business faster

  2. Availability of Funds to operate your business

  3. Extra borrowing power

  4. Obtain funding faster

  5. A larger borrowing window

  6. Up to $250,000 in 6 months

  7. Equipment Leasing

  8. Merchant Loans

A Good Way to Lay Your Hands on Substantial Cash


Most businesses get turned down for credit / loans because they are not in compliance. We will help you with your compliance concerns.

We will verify with local, state and federal agencies to ensure you are not turned down for compliance.

Separate personal credit from business credit

Build a business score of “80 and above” which is the equivalent of “700” FICO Score in personal credit so you can use business credit to operate your business.

Cash Sources

We can actually help you get approved for over $50,000 in usable credit.

  • No personal credit check

  • Be qualified for

    • SBA Loans

    • Credit Lines

    • Factoring Loans

    • Merchant Cash Advances

    • And More

  • Easy access to funds you need to expand and help grow your business

Paydex Score

The main credit used in the business world is called “Paydex Score.


Do you have a Paydex business credit score?

Paydex score ranges from 0-100

100 being the highest

80 and above scores are good

70 and below scores are bad

D+B, one of the 3 major credit bureaus in the U.S uses the Paydex Scoring system for business credit. It is therefore important to have.


 D+B is the leading business credit bureau in the US used the Paydex credit score system.

The Paydex score system rates the payment history of a company


Contact us to obtain and be approved for over $250,000 in business credit with no personal guarantee or credit check

Some Examples

  • Computer line of Credit-           $35,000

  • Equipment Lease -                     $15,000

  • Electronic Store Credit -             $7,500

  • Departmental Store -                $5,000

  • Office Supply Credit -                 $7,000

  • Hummer Lease

  • Truck Lease

  • Car Lease

  • Business lines of credit totaling - $2,000,000